My clients don’t come to me firstly because they want to make a lot of money even though they are making 5-figures in the first month of working with me and sometimes even after one conversation.

Really they come to me because they have lost themselves along the way. They are rebels, truth speakers and visionaries who make most people uncomfortable. Not because they want to. Because they see right through every single illusion and say out loud what they see.


It’s not what people usually want to hear.

It’s not what makes them comfortable.

It’s not what brings them joy.

It’s not what makes them appreciated.


But it’s what brings freedom to them and everyone around them. And that’s their only job.


Finding a name that describes what type of coach they are…

Finding their niche and target their audience…

Searching for the right strategy and certificate…

Chasing after people by offering freebies…

Presenting pretty pictures and a perfect brand…

Writing a brand story…

Deciding and saying I am making this happen and working hard…

Creating perfect funnels and well written email sequences…

Being coached in group programs…

Reaching the masses and having 40 people in their $2K-$5K group program…

Focusing on sales only and not service and the results for their clients…




Not because something is wrong with them.

Not because they haven’t decided they’ll make it work.

Not because they haven’t done what their coaches told them to do.

Not because they can’t decide what they want.

Not because they aren’t sales talents and need to market better.

Not because they haven’t studied and learnt enough.

Not because they aren’t qualified enough.

Not because they are unable to sell out their group program because they haven’t set up the perfect funnel and tested their ads long enough.


The reason why it doesn’t work is not because there is anything wrong with all of that but because all of the above IS NOT THEIR JOB. It works for a lot of people but not for them because…


They are wired differently.

Their purpose is their legacy.

They can’t keep their mouth shut and pretend.

They are multi-passionate and multi-talented.

Their temperament and edges are their gifts.

They are the only authority in their life.

They are high-achievers and lazy at the same time.

They are simple and complicated depending from what perspective they are observed.

They can’t create a brand because they are their brand.

Their success is not firstly and only measured by numbers.

They can’t follow a step by step system because they think holistic not linear.

They are natural sales geniuses who can’t follow a message or script whether it’s their own they wrote down before the call or it’s someone else’s.

The kind of transformation they provide can’t be described with one title because they transform their client’s life and business all at the same time.

They can’t live in the illusion of separation.

They can’t breathe and thrive in a system built on the illusion of time and space.

Their creativity and therefor life gets sucked out of them as soon as they apply someone else’s (strategy, message, approach, coaching craft, healing technique, email sequences etc.) even just a tiny bit and don’t express themselves authentically.


And lastly but most importantly because their soul is rejecting every single action and approach that is not a COMPLETE AND AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION ON ALL LEVELS OF THEIR SOUL.


That’s why when my clients come to me and I see their soul and therefor how everything is meant to be and executed and I simply remind them of WHO THEY ARE AND SPEAK THE TRUTH…

They drop the lies they started to believe about themselves.

They stop believing that they are unworthy and a failure.

They hold themselves in such high esteem that they give zero fucks anymore what anyone thinks or says about them.

They stop imitating other people or coaches and put them on a pedestal.

They stop applying someone else’s strategy, healing technique and coaching craft.

They love themselves, their loved ones and their pets and spend time living, dancing, playing and having fun more than ever.

They are creating their legacy instead of a brand.

They stop emotional eating and bad habits just like it was never an issue.

They make 5-figures in the first month of working with me without chasing after anyone and with a single client.



With love and deep respect,


PS: If you know this is you and you would like to apply to work with me to unleash the Visionary Leader that is within you than I am very much looking forward to having a real and honest chat with you. Head on over here and let's talk :)


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