What happens when you create a business from your past traumas and how to heal your core wound and fix not only your business but heal every area of your life at the same time and position yourself as the go to person for your work because it changes everything you do with clients.

This is the most important piece when having a business and being a successful entrepreneur yet most of the time it is greatly overlooked. I want to address this topic by first talking about the symptoms and issues that usually occur on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level when the business is built from an unhealed core and therefore past traumas. 

We all know that when we don’t act from our soul that we live in fear. What needs to be understood about the matrix of fear is that it is dealt, felt and experienced differently for each and every person because none of us have the same blueprint nor the same way of dealing with what life is offering according to our personality, soul capacity and choices regarding our life so the process you are doing with each person needs to be very unique as well. When you heal yourself and your core wound and no longer run a business from your past traumas and a false identity it literally changes your entire business from the inside out. I’ll tell you why…

When you run your business from your past traumas you never fully own all of you. There is always a layer of fear still active and a part that is doubting everything you do and say. And even though you show up despite all of that there will always be an area that feels like it’s just not working how it’s supposed to be. It’s either your love life or the relationship you have with your body or both at the same time.

The real illusion that is running the show here is that you think there is something you want and can’t have at the same time. You always need to make a choice between one or the other or make compromises you don’t want in order to have it all. It’s like having the dream body but constantly dieting and choosing what to eat and what not.

You were taught that…

- what you want takes time

- you need to prove yourself to get there

- you need to learn a lot before you qualify as an expert

- you need to be perfect all the time

- you need to have your shit together

- you need to follow a certain system, apply a certain strategy and behave a certain way in order to make a lot of money (aka in order to be loved)

- you need the perfect brand to be an expert

- and so on…

This results in you applying someone else’s business strategy that is not what your soul came here to express. And it makes you fucking tired, frustrated and overwhelmed. You need more certificates and coaching to prove that you are an expert and worthy of making a lot of money when in fact you only need to remember who you are, what your unique gifts are and merge them with your human skills and you need to have your standards in place which leads to you not making any more compromises in order to prove that you are worthy and can have everything the way you want it RIGHT NOW. 

Living the freedom lifestyle starts within you. It means that you understand that it is not what you do firstly but how you feel while doing what you do. If you do whatever you want to but you question yourself and have the little voices come up and say you are not good enough but you do it anyways than you still live in your own prison. Because you need to fight every day again and again to prove to yourself and to the world that you are a fucking rebel and do it despite that and so you identify yourself with that role. It doesn’t mean that you are not! You always will be because you were born that way. It just means you don’t do it despite something but because of who you are.

When I work with clients I see exactly who they are and what they are meant to be doing but I also see how they live out their traumas and the false identity they have created out of that and what they need to do (specific actions only for them) to return to their true self and embody their soul in all their bodies and areas of their life especially their business.

This leads to…

- No longer pushing hard in order to get what you want or get to the next level in your business but to act inspired from the balanced masculine and feminine.

- No longer wanting or being attracted to guys that are not available yet feel like long lost soulmate partners.

- No longer doing stuff to be in a high-vibe state or to protect yourself from anything and act tough even though you are not that good in sucking up everything you’ve usually done -> which means that you don’t longer make things work neither in business nor in your love life that just don’t work because you believe this is who you are and you just need to make it work because that is what you do and what made your business so successful

- No longer live in the illusion of separation aka everything you desire even the stuff you don’t yet see you desire (but I see it) will appear out of the blue when you least expect it and not because you are doing any sexual energy attraction, journaling or practicing gratitude stuff but simply because you own all of who you really are.

When you understand, own and live all of who you really are it not only shortens the process you do with your clients, but you know exactly what happens in the first session, the second, the third and so on that gives them guaranteed results but also why it happens and you get to the point where you not only logically but tangibly explain and your clients experience exactly what you said would happen (aka you know what the fuck you are doing and why your coaching package is worth 5-figures because it transforms your clients lives within two months from feeling lost and frustrates to lit up, inspired and living authentically their fullest potential in life and business and of course made their investment back within the first three weeks of working with you) but they also fully own all of their bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and are the the leaders, visionaries and artists of the visionary leader movement ™  which is my legacy. I am here to help you unlock the visionary leader within you whom you are born to be and bring your legacy into the world in a very unique and specific way.

Transformation doesn’t take a long time. It only does when you don’t know who you are in your soul, how brilliant you are, what your unique work is and why you deliver guaranteed results and how you do that holistically. It’s only hard when you get lost in the illusion of separation and chase after stuff on the outside you think is important and matters which is actually not what it is about at all (aka thinking that anything you do will make a difference when it never will because you can’t be who you are and act from a false identity).

It always has been about who you really are - specifically, uniquely and authentically YOU! When you own that you own your business, your rates, your work, your result and each and every other area of your life. I am here to help you with that! You can apply here if this is what you are seeking. I am very much looking forward to meeting you!

Your visionary leader,